The villa has been perched on the small Tuscan hill for several centuries. It has seen a lot during this time: happy family celebrations, opulent dinners and romantic candlelight dinners. Its style has hardly changed over time – it has always been timelessly elegant. The MY FLOOR Villa Collection combines this classic elegance with understated glamour that effortlessly enhances every room.

Do you value exclusive quality? Allow yourself to be seduced by the noble wood look of the Villa Collection and create your own space with its stylish beauty. And don’t forget that it also makes an impressive statement in a business setting.

12 mm
Dimensions: 1375 mm × 188 mm
Abrasion class: AC 5/33

Wood, of course

Our flooring is up to 90% wood, sourced from sustainably thinned forests in the region. In contrast to PVC products, they are plasticiser-free and harmless to health within any home environment. The focus of our environmental management system is ecological efficiency – for the entire life cycle of every product that leaves our factory. That’s why we were awarded the blue angel and that’s something we’re proud of.