Waves rushing. Fresh sea air surrounds you. The sun warms the tip of your nose. Immediately you begin to relax ... Bring that beach holiday feeling into your home with the MY FLOOR Lodge Collection.

The decors in the Lodge Collection look natural and rustic. They exude pure love of life. As free and happy as a day at the beach. Whether light, dark or casual tile design, our designs are extremely diverse. Finding it difficult to make up your mind? Even better, our decors can also be easily combined and harmonise perfectly with one other.

8 mm
Dimensions: 1380 mm × 193 mm
Abrasion class: AC 5/32

Wood, of course

Our flooring is up to 90% wood, sourced from sustainably thinned forests in the region. In contrast to PVC products, they are plasticiser-free and harmless to health within any home environment. The focus of our environmental management system is ecological efficiency – for the entire life cycle of every product that leaves our factory. That’s why we were awarded the blue angel and that’s something we’re proud of.