The embodiment of all that is natural. When genuinely rustic ruggedness join forces with the heights of sophisticated elegance, the result can only be only one thing: unique. Like the modern individual. Chestnut, that umber hued, lightly polished design with a darkly undulating ringed grain, cracks and knots is the perfect choice for lovers of original forms and creative design solutions. This authentic and sophisticated pattern creates a visually appealing and unexpected contrast to the most varied of furnishing styles. Whether with black or white leather, with ethnic African art or clean Scandinavian lines, with light linen or heavy velvet, or with glass, chrome, fibreglass and synthetics: Chestnut country house plank from the MY FLOOR collection Chalet strives for - and achieves - contrast.The result is always an exciting ambience with a rustic yet sophisticated touch. In the modern townhouse or single studio.

  • Characteristic real wood appearance
  • Deep embossed grain
  • Authentic look and feel  
  • Authentic plank look thanks to V groove
  • Highest usage class
10 mm
Dimensions: 1380 mm × 193 mm
Abrasion class: AC 5/33
Structure: ER
Panels / Cardboard: 6 = 1,598 m2
Cartons / Pallet: 56 = 89,49 m2


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