Sauvignon Kastanie

Sauvignon Chestnut


A finish for connoisseurs. A floor for you. This incomparable natural flooring is just like a fine wine. It has to age – as long as possible. By opting for our finish of the year 2018 you expect just that. Because this 12mm thick, HDF-based laminate flooring is hard to beat when it comes to longevity, durability and wear – in spite of its pale finish. The yellowish hues of the acclaimed sauvignon grape lend your home an unrivaled elegance. With typical French nonchalance Sauvignon Chestnut transforms a modern townhouse or a refurbished period dwelling into a place of vibrant beauty without appearing overtly polished, ostentatious or refined. The undeniably light background is subtle and pleasing and counterbalances the delicately structured irregularities such as cracks, knots and resin pockets. This authentic finish is typical for MY FLOOR, while the “embossed in register” surface works in complete harmony with the design, giving this quality flooring a realistic and very natural appearance. Whether your preferred style is Scandinavian, French, Maritime, or Arts & Crafts – with white leather, heavy wood, floaty fabrics or clear and austere lines: Sauvignon Chestnut from MY FLOOR's Villa collection makes a lasting impression on the elegant home. Lasting and natural. And is extremely resistant to stains, scratching and cigarette burns.

  • Elegant look of real wood
  • 4-sided V groove for an original floorboard look
  • Can be freely combined with almost any style
  • Highest usage class
  • Extra wide and extra thick panels
12 mm
Dimensions: 1375 mm × 188 mm
Abrasion class: AC 5/33
Structure: ER
Panels / Cardboard: 5 = 1,293 m2
Cartons / Pallet: 56 = 72,38 m2