Elba Eiche Titan

Elba Oak Titanium


Constantly lightens and brightens the mood. Always there to cheer everyone up. Experience the lightness of bright and cheerful oak wood in the form of authentic laminate flooring from sustainable forestry. Elba Oak Titanium has concentric grain lines and gentle curves typical of young oak wood, giving your home a constantly friendly touch – especially ideal for places needing 12 mm thick laminate planks with circumferential V4 joints. Despite its filigree, slightly silvery-looking colouring, it’s environmentally-friendly laminate flooring that can hardly be surpassed in terms of longevity, toughness and durability – on the contrary: When it comes to sensitivity and responsiveness, the 1375 mm long panels are a long way ahead of comparable solid wood floorboards. Because of its Nordic look and feel, Elba Oak Titanium it is almost predestined for a simple, cosmopolitan, Scandinavian interior style.

  • Bright, pleasant appearance and feel
  • Circumferential V joint for an original wooden flooring look
  • Can be combined with almost anything
  • Flame-resistant
  • Very tough and durable
12 mm
Dimensions: 1375 mm × 188 mm
Abrasion class: AC 5/33
Structure: ER
Panels / Cardboard: 5 = 1,293 m2
Cartons / Pallet: 56 = 72,38 m2