Bali Teak

Bali Teak


Tropical elegance to go. The reddish, radiant hues and the post-colonial, clean and “knotless” look of rare tropical hardwoods still manage to enthrall us even in this day and age. Far more resource conserving and environmentally sound than a solid tropical hardwood floor, Bali Teak encapsulates this much sough-after elegance in a singularly authentic laminate floor covering. The finely detailed finish of Bali Teak from the MY FLOOR Cottage collection can hardly be distinguished from a real teak floor. Largely resistant to light, moisture and cigarette burns, this sophisticated and inviting floor covering gives the impression of a vintage Californian penthouse that transcends every interior style. The evenly nuanced shading and intricate grain detailing go well with both minimalist and more British interior styles alike. Whether it´s heavy fabrics, opulent rugs, or leather, chrome and steel; your style can change. But that touch of elegance remains.

  • Knot free, real wood appearance
  • Finely nuanced hues
  • Largely cigarette burn resistant
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Easy to lay thanks to the CLIC System
8 mm
Dimensions: 1380 mm × 193 mm
Abrasion class: AC 5/32
Structure: AF
Panels / Cardboard: 8 = 2,131 m2
Cartons / Pallet: 56 = 119,32 m2


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